RF Welding, Hot AirSealing, HFw servies

Radio Frequency Welding & Heat Sealing

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AmCraft Manufacturing is a quality provider of heat sealing services used to manufacture flexible air, gas and fluid containment products. We offer a variety of sealing and finishing services to provide a single source convenience in the design, manufacturing and logistics of your product.

Radio Frequency Welding and Heat Sealing processes have been around for over 70 years. Heat sealing is a general production term used to describe the method of attaching one or more layers of flexible materials together. Heat Sealing processes are the most efficient and effective method for producing a quality welded seam on a variety of PVC vinyl's and textile materials. For multi-dimensional products, AmCraft provides ancillary services such as sewing, adhesives, heat activated tapes and mechanical means.

Our heat sealing services are used to seal flexible materials together for air, gas and fluid containment, to attach material for oversized backdrops and tarpaulins, meld materials for form fitting protective covers and to configure many inflatable products you see in use today. Also known as: RF Welding, Hot Air Sealing, Hot Wedge Sealing, Solvent Binding, High Frequency Welding, Dielectric Welding, and Dielectric Sealing, these processes all offer similar results but are executed differently. The preferred sealing method is generally determined by the material used, product requirements and performance expectations.

Benefits of RF Welding and Heat Sealing

  • A fluid proof seal
  • An air tight seal
  • Greater shear tear/splitting resistance
  • Non wicking seams and edges
  • Nearly invisible seaming
  • Seam strength that exceeds that of the base material
  • Greater shape/configuration options
  • Exponentially increased manufacturing efficiency with certain products

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There are many variables relative to your products need for successful use and long term durability. AmCraft Manufacturing is dedicated to providing you with choices and full service quality manufacturing so you can be confident that you'll get exactly what you need.