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Engineering support
Engineering support
ISO 9001-2015 Certified

Flexible Containment Solutions

SealWerks has experience and expertise in determining the best fabrication method for your flexible product. Whether you need assistance in the design, engineering, or re-engineering stage, we work with you to develop a functional prototype. We will help to determine the best material options and production process required to achieve product functionality and cost efficiency. We give you options and solutions designed to improve your product performance, production schedules and ROI. 

Radio Frequency (RF) & Heat Sealing of Plastic Films

Radio Frequency Welding

Solvent Bonding - UV Curing

Quality Assurance

Thermoforming / Vacuum Forming

How SealWerks works for you

Founded and operating entirely in the United States, SealWerks is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company with a dedicated team of industry experts. Entrust your flexible containment project to a company that cares. Whether you need two units or 10,000, we’re here to help with design, engineering, quality assurance, and custom manufacturing. The most important projects are the ones we’re working on today. 

  • Dedicated to quality at every step
  • Committed to getting every detail right
  • Providing full-service support from development through packaging
  • Welcoming small and medium projects
  • Transparent communication throughout the process
  • In-house manufacturing and design

Services include but not limited to:

An electrical process that permanently bonds two or more layers of polymer film together. In most cases tooling is used to achieve the desired weld configuration. Because RF – Welding renders a hermetic seal, it is an excellent bonding process for liquid, gas and air containment.

It is  used to form flat plastic  films into three dimensional configurations. In many cases the open side of the form is bonded to another formed or flat layer to create a closed containment unit.  Thermoforming / Vacuum Forming typically has a lower tooling cost than molding.

This bonds two or more layers of plastic film or polymer coated fabrics together with heat.  Specific bond configurations do require dedicated tooling. Typical products include flexible liquid and gas containment. Thermal impulse welding can be used to bond a very wide assortment of materials together. 

Solvent Bonding and the UV Cure adhesive process can both be used to permanently join rigid or semi rigid plastic parts. The most common applications are medical devices that utilize air liquid or gas flow. The engineering team at SealWerks would be glad to look at your project to determine if solvent welding or UV adhesive curing is a good fit for your project.

We offer both die and table cutting services. A substantial percentage of the products we manufacture require both heat sealing and sewing operations. Medical and personal safety products are a strong focus for SealWerks. 

We are an ISO 9001-2015 Certified Company. We can tailor an effective QAP for your product. We do offer a pilot production program for many products. Additionally we are always glad to discuss your product specifics and how they can be most effectively addressed through a customized Quality Assurance Program. 

Supporting Essential Industries

Medical & Healthcare

medical industry sealwerks
From containment bladders to hospital bed cushions, our products meet the highest medical standards.


industrial sealwerks
Heat sealing and commercial sewing for flexible products that stand up to the toughest industrial conditions.


Government-procured products are held to an extremely high standard.


manufacturing sealwerks
Protect workers and equipment with containment solutions that keep your plant running safely.


military sealwerks
Safe, functional, dependable gear for demanding environments and extreme weather.