About SealWerks

SealWerks is located in Elk Grove Village, IL, a nearby suburb of Chicago. Our strategy is to provide quality products by maintaining a highly skilled, diverse and motivated workforce. Many of our employees have more than 15 years of service with the company with radio frequency welding, and commercial sewing experience.

RF heat sealing experts

SealWerks’ diversity and depth of experience enables us to take a project from conception through prototyping and into full-scale production.

In fact, within the 30 years we have been doing business, we have forged numerous strategic and reciprocally beneficial relationships with companies that specialize in related, complementary and/or ancillary products and services to those in which we specialize. These relationships enable SealWerks to offer a wider range of services and greater experience, which we use to optimize production. This also helps us to maximize quality and minimize costs for our customers. We can offer much more than a company specializing only in sealing or sewing-related services.

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We are specialists

At SealWerks, we are specialists in the fabrication of welded and sewn flexible products. Our services are utilized in the manufacturing of products using materials such as coated and un-coated fabrics and various vinyl formulations including polyurethanes, silicones and even Teflon. Our combination of design, cutting, RF-welding, RF sealing, heat sealing and commercial sewing services allow us to specialize in fabrication methods that achieve the best in quality, durability and functionality of your product. And, our manufacturing is done in one convenient location.

Our contract sealing and sewing services are used in a variety of industries, including medical, recreational, pharmaceutical, military, aviation and industrial, to name a few. Because material cutting is an integral part of many of our contract operations, we also offer contract material cutting as a stand-alone service. However, the type of equipment we use does not allow us to provide services for garment or apparel items.

We are experienced

One of our core competencies is in drawing on our vast pool of previous project experience. These experiences allow us to determine the best combination of operations for efficient production of your product. We compile and maintain manufacturing and performance data for each project we complete, thus enabling us to draw from best practices when undertaking new projects. We bring knowledge and experience to new product designs and existing products that benefit from our various cost saving and manufacturing solutions.

Radio Frequency (RF) welding & heat sealing services

We provide radio frequency (RF) welding services, a feature which expands the flexibility of the solutions we can offer. Our experience and competencies in pattern making and cutting, assembly (including the use of multiple types of adhesives), commercial sewing, RF welding and heat sealing means that we bring a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary approach to every project and every customer.

Sewing services complementing RF welded products

Some welded products also require sewing to complete the functionality of a product. We do bar tacking, over locking and a multitude of programmed stitch patterns with a wide range of needle gauges on our double-needle machines, with widths up to 1-3/4″. And, our RF welded seams are pliable enough to allow stitching through and around the materials.

Shipping services

SealWerks is located near Chicago, is close by several interstate highways, and within five miles of O’Hare International Airport.

The heavy concentration of industry in Elk Grove Village provides easy access for many railroad freight and trucking companies. This variety of freight options and our location near major national transportation hubs allows us to ship worldwide and offer customer freight costs at reasonable levels.

Quality assurance

The foundation of our ISO 9001 manufacturing operation is built upon being a solutions based company. We incorporate statistical quality assurance programs into all of our manufacturing operations. We stay in touch with the latest technology, trends, equipment and materials so as to optimize manufacturing efficiency and product functionality.

We are here to help

Sealwerks is a full-service provider that will help you every step of the way. Whether you need to fabricate an existing product or start the process of a new product, we offer full in-house services to provide a one stop manufacturing option and dedication designed to create successful results.

Join our dedicated team of manufacturing and customer service experts. If you have experience in RF welding, heat sealing, thermal impulse welding, commercial sewing, or customer service we want to talk to you.

Call us at 847-439-4565 or email us at sales@amcraftonline.com for personalized service and the support you’ll need to begin your project.