Bellows for Protection and Containment

Bellows and way covers

Bellows protect people and equipment. These flexible material enclosures extend and collapse to keep dirt, debris, and other foreign objects away from machinery. They are essential for medical imaging equipment, machinery used in clean rooms, and anywhere else where cleanliness is paramount.

They can also function as safety guards to shield bodies and clothing from potential pinch points. They protect the safety of workers, patients, and anyone else who comes in close contact with moving equipment.

bellow round stitched black 1
Round bellows, stitched construction with end cuffs
3 side bellows stitched blue
Three sided way cover with end mounting plates

Flexible barriers in a range of sizes and configurations

Bellows are available in a multitude of different sizes and configurations. They can be heat welded, sewn or heat sealed in various shapes to fit any space and need. These processes provide strong, reliable seams that stand up to thousands of use cycles.

SealWerks fabricates bellows in several basic configurations:

  • Round
  • Polygonal
  • Rectangular
  • 3 sided
  • Flat

Shapes are chosen based on equipment clearance and range of movement. We also work with product design companies, equipment manufacturers, and end-users to design and develop custom solutions.

Some of the most common materials for bellows unit construction include:

  • Fabric reinforced PVC
  • Fabric reinforced TPU
  • Neoprene
  • Silicone
  • Teflon
  • Nomex
  • Coated fiberglass
bellow hexagon stitched blue
Hexagonal bellows, heat sealed seam construction with end mounting plates
Bellow flat stitched yellow
Flat bellows, stitched construction with end mounting plates.

Special features increase functionality and ease of use

Special features such as wire supports and permanent crease folds ensure that the way cover meets your needs. We can add zippers or mounting plates for ease of installation. Stepped designs and tapered custom configurations can be customized to fit tight spaces.

bellow step stitched black
Round multi diameter bellows with sewn construction and end cuffs
Bellow Customized
Custom configuration way cover, heat sealed construction
bellow round zipper
Round bellows with separating zipper and end cuffs

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about bellows and way covers

The average life of a flexible bellows unit is approximately 600,000 cycles.
Our equipment and process can manufacture bellows up to about 20 feet in length.
Yes, bellows with welded or heat sealed seams can be watertight.
Yes, bellows can be curved. The minimum curved radius depends on the material and the configuration of the bellows.
TPU Coated Nylon or polyester. The right material for your bellows depends on the configuration, desired flame rating, and operating environment. Our engineers can help you select the best material for the job.
Yes, bellows can be flame rated. The material used to fabricate the bellows determines the flame rating. Some common flame rating are: NFPA 701, CPAI 84, ASTME 84.

Bellows and way covers from Sealwerks keep people and equipment safe

As an ISO 9001 and REACH certified manufacturer, Sealwerks has earned the trust of the aerospace, healthcare and manufacturing industries. We develop bellows and way covers suitable for healthcare, clean room, marine, aerospace and other high-stakes industries.

Do you need to replace an existing bellows unit or do you need to design a new bellows unit? Contact one of our applications engineers. They’ll help you find the shape, material, and special features to meet your needs.