Cloth-Backed Vinyl

Most coated fabrics can be heat sealed or sewn. The determining factor is typically the intended function and the overall size of the product. Sewn construction enables us to join dissimilar materials. hospital bed barriers and patient positioning cushions are good examples of products that are constructed with both heat sealing and Commercial sewing.

Products made using fabric-backed vinyl

Different types of industrial or commercial curtains may also utilize fabric- backed vinyl materials. There are many different uses for cloth-backed vinyl, ranging from industrial to commercial products. Depending on the grade of the fabric, cloth-backed vinyl can serve as the main component with tensile integrity in heavy use indoor or outdoor furniture. Marine grade vinyl is used to fabricate boat upholstery, awnings, water resistant military bags, and more.

Cutting Sewing Services

Using commercial sewing for product fabrication

While heat sealing and radio frequency (RF) welding won’t work with uncoated fabrics or cloth materials, commercial sewing can provide secure seams that configure the panels into a functional end product. Our industrial sewing process utilizes automation technology and a product specific quality assurance program to create products that can last for years, whether it’s for small or large products.

Some of the many cloth backed vinyl products we have sewn include protective covers, bags, cases, cushions, point of purchase displays, seat back covers, large graphics, acoustic curtains, military bags, and many more. We can also sew ancillary products, attach zippers, grommets, snaps, and other hardware to existing products. Commercial sewing is also used on other types of materials including PVC and other synthetic polymers. Some products may require heat sealing, radio frequency welding, and sewing to meet the functionality requirements for the product.


Working with cloth-backed vinyl products

To find out if cloth backed vinyl is the right material to use for your product during fabrication, SealWerks can assist you with material selection for your products and help with design as well. We can commercially sew an item based on a product sample or CAD drawing. Our engineering staff can also create new CAD drawings through our product engineering program. Please inquire for cost details. Prior to commercial sewing work, we review all drawings and expectations with customers. We also offer prototyping and re-engineering to help improve your product designs and fabrication in the long run.

In addition to cloth-backed vinyl, we also provide commercial sewing, heat sealing, and RF welding services for many other materials including polypropylene, polyethylene, thermoplastic films, PVC coated fabrics, and more. We’ll help you decide which material can form the best possible product, with top-of-the-line fabrication services.

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