Product Design & Engineering Services

Quality products start with detailed designs and engineering. That’s why we offer design and engineering services for every step of the manufacturing process. We’re committed to providing the most effective turnkey manufacturing solution for your individual needs. Services include:

The SealWerks design and engineering team understands the complexity of the manufacturing process. Drawing on decades of engineering and product fabrication expertise, we’ll work within your specifications to develop quality products designed to meet your needs.

In-house design & engineering expertise

With a team of design engineers and manufacturing experts, we fabricate your products at our manufacturing facility in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Keeping everything in-house adds efficiency and maximizes productivity. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can pick up the phone or schedule a site visit and speak directly to your design and engineering team.

Get started now on the design & engineering process

Product Design Form Submission

1) Help us understand your project

First, we’ll discuss your needs, specifications, and concerns. Our services are customer-centric every step of the way. We work to understand both the nature of your product and your goals for the product function.

From design through delivery we seek out opportunities to improve the manufacturing process. Our design engineers monitor the production process to recommend alternate material component options or possible design enhancements.

2) Select containment type

Next, we’ll apply our expertise in manufacturing and design to determine the best materials, processes, and procedures to deliver your results. If your product needs to contain air, vapors, or fluids, we’ll choose the proper materials and manufacturing procedures to ensure effective hermetic containment.

3) Design

We can provide detailed CAD drawings to guide the manufacturing process. We integrate QA procedures from the beginning to ensure that every unit meets the same standard of quality. Supplies and supply chains may be unpredictable, but our manufacturing process is consistent. We can accommodate regularly scheduled production runs, or quick ramp-ups to meet shifting market demands.

4) Test & Deliver

Finally, we’ll test and inspect your product for quality before delivering a prototype or sample units so you can see the results for yourself. 

Connect with Leading Suppliers

Our strong relationships with leading material suppliers help save you money and reduce your time to market. By partnering with suppliers, we can offer leading-edge materials and custom solutions. If you’re considering large-volume production, custom material manufacturing can reduce cost and maximize your return on investment. Plus, custom materials contribute to your brand image and increase the perceived quality of your product. They help you stand out in the minds of consumers and clients.

Continuous Improvement

From design through delivery we seek out opportunities to improve the manufacturing process. Our mechanical engineers monitor the production process to recommend improved materials selections and design enhancements.

If you’re ready to start design and engineering for your product, contact the design engineering experts at SealWerks today.