Prototype Services

SealWerks has the capabilities to manufacture prototype products or to re-engineer existing products. Our single source, multi-process product prototypes provide the start you need to road test a prototype product or a small quantity production run.

Prototyping experience & superior customer support

We assist you in making important decisions that help you achieve a marketable product with the cost efficiencies you need. You can benefit from our accumulated experience of working through production issues and improving the functionality of product designs. Additionally, upon success of your prototype, SealWerks can facilitate a high quality, high volume production run complete with fulfillment and distribution services.

Custom solutions for creating prototype products

Having a prototype of your new product can make a difference with potential investors or customers. We can help you to layout your options with existing “in-house” tooling or quote custom prototype tooling. To help you achieve a level of success, we will need dimensionally accurate drawings that illustrate the product construction and a comprehensive description of the products function. We try to assess early on if our manufacturing capabilities are a good fit for your product.

Determine your legal authority to create a product

Before you begin the design process, we urge you to spend time researching what, if any, approvals are required from government agencies for compliance of your product. This process will not only save you time in the long run, but also saves money by eliminating or reducing manufacturing modifications necessary to meet specific guidelines.

SealWerks does not routinely check for potential ethics situations. We will assume that you have researched the design of your product or the status of the product relative to a patent or patent-pending status. We do sign non-disclosure agreements for manufacturing products that you have the authority to produce.


Prototyping allows you to test a product

If you need to test a concept, explore production options, consider material selections and costs without worrying too much about product appearance, prototyping your product may be a time efficient path to road test your product. Product prototyping allows you to test tensile strength, inflation points, seam durability, and design characteristics that could limit the design recommendations.

Prototype with free form creativity

Free form fabrication is commonly used to create a new product prototypes. It gives you the ability to create one example of a product design, or a short production run to use in product test marketing. This prototype process increases your overall speed to market and provides the ability to anticipate mass production uncertainties.

We help to connect material selections & manufacturing processes

Our experience and knowledge can be valuable to customers when defining aspects of prototyping processes and material selection. The transition from prototype stage to production stage helps to connect material specifications with the effectiveness of a fabrication process, creating a realistic sample of your final product.

For more information about the use of cut and sew services on vinyl and textile materials, talk to us about your project. Our Experts can help you get started today!

Inflatable patient positioning cushion
Prototype design and function before manufacturing large quantities.

Talk to us about your project. Our experts can help you get started today!