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SealWerks offers radio frequency welding and heat sealing services to support the manufacture of flexible containment solutions for the medical, industrial, government, and manufacturing industries. Explore the options below to learn more.

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When you call or email SealWerks, you speak directly to a member of our Illinois-based sales staff. Supported by mechanical engineers and engineering experts, our experienced sales team can answer your questions and get your project started.

Heat Sealing Service Details

Along with radio frequency welding, SealWerks also provides a host of heat sealing and other services that are more beneficial in the fabrication of certain products. Learn more about these specific services here.

Radio Frequency Welding Service Questions

The process that SealWerks provides for customers most often is radio frequency welding. Here you’ll find out what this service is, how it works in fabrication, why it’s used in a wide variety of industries and how to determine if it’s right for your project.

How to Figure Out Which Process to Use

There are certain factors that determine which sealing service is appropriate for a product. Learn how to find the right process here, based on the application, product materials, parts and overall complexity of the project.

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If you require additional information about any of our services or specific project requirements, contact us today to speak with the manufacturing experts at SealWerks today. We will help you figure out which sealing process is appropriate for your products and begin the fabrication process.

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Can SealWerks help me design & develop a new product prototype?

The design and engineering experts at SealWerks can meet your product’s specific needs, designing and developing prototypes for products of all types across many industries. We address your concerns as we guide you through every step of fabrication.

How do I determine the cost of RF welding & heat sealing services?

There are a couple of factors to consider when determining the cost of radio frequency welding and other heat sealing services at SealWerks. You will either need to consider what material will form the product or the application of the product

What is RF Welding?

Radio frequency welding (RFW), also known as RF welding or high frequency welding, is a sealing process through which products are fabricated with watertight and airtight seams.

What is Commercial Sewing?

While heat sealing is used to form some of the strongest seals in materials during product fabrication, it isn’t the right process for every type of product. For some products…

How Can SealWerks help my business?

SealWerks is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, including regular communication with clients. We listen to and address any concerns you have, provide in-depth answers to questions, and communicate every step of the fabrication process with you along the way.

What do I need to fabricate a new product?

Prior to manufacturing a new product or re-engineering an existing product, there are several items that you can choose to provide to SealWerks to use as references. In order to get started with the manufacturing process, you can choose to provide a product sample, drawing or photograph to help us…

How long does Radio Frequency Welding last for products?

Like other fabrication processes that SealWerks offers, the strength of the radio frequency welding process depends on the types of materials involved. RF welded seals last as long as the original materials are expected to last, provided the product doesn’t experience damage.

What Are the Benefits of Radio Frequency Welding Services?

Radio frequency welding is the best fabrication process for certain materials. If your products are compatible with this service, they will benefit from strong, airtight, and waterproof seams. There are plenty of benefits to the RF welding process, making it ideal for a large …

Is Radio Frequency Welding right for my product?

Radio frequency welding is the ideal fabrication process for many products that need a permanent watertight and airtight seam. The process is effective for a wide variety of products across many…

What Industries use Radio Frequency Welding in products?

The radio frequency welding process effectively fuses two or more materials to create a seal that is as strong, and potentially stronger than the original materials. Many industries rely on this process in…

Where do I start with Radio Frequency Welding?

SealWerks can help you determine if radio frequency welding is best suited for your project, and we will also guide you from the beginning of the process to the final step.

What are the benefits of using SealWerks services?

Apart from the benefits of working with experienced experts who provide high-quality fabrication services, SealWerks also provides customers with other benefits when choosing our services.

Which Sealing process is right for my project?

For products that require a leak-proof airtight and watertight seal that is 100% weather-resistant, radio frequency welding or heat sealing services are ideal for fabrication. The multi-process approach at SealWerks can accurately assess…

What is Solvent Bonding?

Solvent bonding is a sealing process through which multiple pieces of material are bonded using a strong solvent. The solvent used to bond the materials together works by temporarily softening and dissolving the material.

How proper metal finishing treatments prevents foodborne illnesses in Food Processing and Packaging Plants?

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversee safe operations at food processing and packaging facilities. These regulatory agencies control the supply of meat, poultry, eggs and other food products.