Can SealWerks help me Design & Develop a New Product Prototype?

The design and engineering experts at SealWerks can meet your product’s specific needs, designing and developing prototypes for products of all types across many industries. We address your concerns as we guide you through every step of fabrication. We will also offer advice and solutions to make sure your project is successful.

Simply provide us with a concept drawing or photograph of the product prototype design you would like us to work from, and we will get started designing and prototyping your new product. AmCraft makes sure your project avoids mistakes that can cause production problems, ensuring your product is ready for mass production.

Creating new product prototypes or improving current projects

SealWerks can either design and prototype new products or re-engineer older products. We have a multi-process design and prototyping approach that helps make sure that you are a part of the entire manufacturing process, from planning to execution.

Once your product is fabricated using one of our many sealing processes, we can provide high-quality mass production of the product with distribution and fulfillment services. We also offer a non-disclosure agreement for our services if requested.

ISO compliance for quality

SealWerks’ product design and prototyping services are ISO compliant. We want to ensure the highest quality with every product we manufacture. In order to make sure quality is consistent, we measure all processes and procedures. Our ability to be flexible allows us to make changes to the manufacturing process when required.

When working with us, you will receive top quality design, engineering, material selection, fabrication, packaging and shipping services. We will help you to determine which fabrication process will work best when manufacturing any product prototype, and provide a realistic timeline as well.

To receive our product design and prototyping services today, contact SealWerks and we will help you get started.