How can SealWerks Help my Business?

SealWerks is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, including regular communication with clients. We listen to and address any concerns you have, provide in-depth answers to questions, and communicate every step of the fabrication process with you along the way.

Whether you need to fabricate an existing product or design and manufacture a new one, we provide a full range of services to see your products through to completion. Our many manufacturing services include radio frequency welding, solvent binding, ancillary services and product design and prototyping.

Save money with SealWerks

When you choose to work with SealWerks, your products will benefit from top quality fabrication at the hands of experienced professionals. Many of our staff members have more than ten years of experience with SealWerks along with years of prior experience. We will help you determine which service is most compatible and cost-efficient in the fabrication of your products, ensuring high-quality results.

Constantly improving RF welding & heat sealing services

At SealWerks, we make sure to keep detailed records and data about every fabrication project, which allows us to review and further improve our services. While many other manufacturing companies focus merely on the fabrication process they offer, SealWerks invests time in every aspect of product manufacturing. We give attention to clients’ individual goals and provide effective solutions for specific challenges they may face. By working directly with the product manufacturer, we can better ensure full satisfaction with the results.

Based on your product’s materials, we will help figure out which of our many services is right to use in the manufacturing process. If you would like to design and prototype a new product, we also provide design and engineering services and can subsequently help you initiate the manufacturing process. Our in-house production experts will guide you through every step, working to develop a viable production model, inform you of both the benefits and disadvantages of the processes we offer, provide material samples, and develop a realistic project timeline in order to successfully create your product.

If you have questions about the specific details of our services, and would like to get started on a project, reach out to SealWerks at any time. If you need a sealing service for gas, air and liquid containment, industrial curtains, or other products, feel free to discuss your plans with us.