What are the Benefits of Radio Frequency Welding Services?

Radio frequency welding is the best fabrication process for certain materials. If your products are compatible with this service, they will benefit from strong, airtight, and waterproof seams. There are plenty of benefits to the RF welding process, making it ideal for a large number of products across many different industries.

Waterproof and airtight RF welded seals

The most popular feature of radio frequency welded products is the leak-proof seam that the RF welding process creates. The seal prevents air, gas, vapors and fluids from entering or escaping, which is ideal for containment products such as air bladders, IV bags and more.

The military industry and many others rely on products that can resist wear and tear, which makes RF welding the best process during fabrication in many instances, resulting in a durable, long-lasting seam.

RF sealed seams are stronger than the original materials

The radio frequency welding process creates leak-proof seams by combining the strengths of the original materials used, making the resulting seam as strong as or even stronger than the original materials. This benefit is needed for products that are expected to experience heavy use in harsher conditions.

Some of the other benefits of radio frequency welding are:

  • The ability to seal custom products with complex patterns or designs
  • Can form both small and large products
  • Can join multiple layers of similar or dissimilar polar-molecular materials
  • Seams with heavy resistance to ripping

If you believe your product is suitable for radio frequency welding, you can learn more about this service from the experts at SealWerks. Reach out to us today to learn if this fabrication process or others we offer are right for you. In addition to radio frequency welding, we also provide a number of heat sealing services.