What Are the Benefits of Using SealWerks Services?

Apart from the benefits of working with experienced experts who provide high-quality fabrication services, SealWerks also provides customers with other benefits when choosing our services.

As industry leaders in manufacturing, we provide extensive customer service in addition to fabrication services. Our goal is to fully satisfy customers from start to finish with every project, which is why our benefits include non-disclosure and confidentiality, and full service shipping and distribution of products we manufacture.

Non-Disclosure & Non-Compete Agreement for Services

At SealWerks, we respect the security of your company, and understand concerns relating to project confidentiality. In order to ensure company confidentiality on both ends, we work under non-disclosure/non-compete clause arrangements. Once both SealWerks and the customer sign the agreement, we can work with you to design your products, determine fabrication costs, provide compliance testing, and help you select materials for manufacturing.

Product Order Fulfillment & Shipping Services to Many Locations

Along with high quality radio frequency welding and heat sealing services, SealWerks also offers the convenience of order fulfillment and shipping services. Our offices are located near a number of interstate highways, and within a five-mile distance to O’Hare International Airport, giving you many efficient delivery options.

For more information about SealWerks’ fabrication services and other benefits of choosing us, contact us at any time and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. We will also be able to help get you started immediately in designing and manufacturing your products, providing reliable RF welding, heat sealing and other fabrication services.