What do I Need to Fabricate a New Product?

Prior to manufacturing a new product or re-engineering an existing product, there are several items that you can choose to provide to SealWerks to use as references. In order to get started with the manufacturing process, you can choose to provide a product sample, drawing or photograph to help us successfully manufacture your product using one of our fabrication services. Using one of these references, we will then be able to determine what fabrication process will suit your project. We can also help choose base materials for the product if you are unable to identify them.

Bring a product sample

If you are working with an existing product, you can provide us with a physical sample for us to examine and potentially re-engineer. We will figure out which product sealing process works best based on the materials the product uses, and plan the process around the specific design of the product.

Provide a concept drawing

Sometimes product samples might not be available, particularly when clients wish to design a new product from scratch. In this case, you can provide a concept drawing to help our engineers to design and fabricate your product to work within designated specifications and requirements. Based on the drawing, we can help select the materials that will create the durable product you want.

Take detailed product photographs

Another reference you can provide is a set of detailed photographs of your product. Photos will help us get a good look at the product and, along with samples and drawings, figure out which product sealing process will work best based on the materials, application and design features.

Once we have determined the optimal fabrication service and materials for new products based on the reference you provide, we will develop a timeline for approvals, testing and final manufacturing runs.

Our many sealing services include radio frequency welding, solvent binding and commercial sewing. We also offer assembly and packaging as well as shipping and distribution.

Want to get started fabricating a new product with experienced manufacturing experts? You can contact SealWerks and we will work with you through every step of the manufacturing process.