What Industries Use Radio Frequency (RF) Welding in Products?

The radio frequency welding process effectively fuses two or more materials to create a seal that is as strong, and potentially stronger than the original materials. Many industries rely on this process in the fabrication of their products because of the need for leak-proof seams. RF welded seams are long lasting and intended for applications that require heavy use, effectively resisting wear and tear.

The medical industry’s use for RF welding

One industry that relies on the radio frequency welding process for many products is the medical industry. IV bags, blood bags and other containment products require strong watertight and airtight seams that prevent any kind of contamination, and RF welding facilitates this need. Some of the other RF welded products the medical industry uses with this process include inflatable cushions and pressure cuffs.

Radio Frequency welding in other industries

Apart from the medical industry, there are many others that use RF sealed products. Many organizations and companies in the automotive, industrial, construction, military, government, recreation and materials handling industries use products with radio frequency welded seams. Some of the specific military products that undergo this process include preconditioned air hoses, containment bladders and protective covers, while the automotive industry can use this process to create strong paint booth and wash bay enclosures. The federal or state government might also use RF welding in the construction of containment bags intended for transporting weapons or valuable equipment under harsh conditions.

If you think that radio frequency welding might be right for the fabrication of products in your industry, contact SealWerks today and we will determine if RF welding or another sealing service best suits the requirements of your product.