What is Commercial Sewing?

While heat sealing is used to form some of the strongest seals in materials during product fabrication, it isn’t the right process for every type of product. For some products, SealWerks provides commercial sewing services to create a seam that is durable enough for industrial curtains and a wide variety of other applications.

Differences between commercial sewing and normal sewing

Traditional sewing may work for a wide variety of fabrics, but tougher materials such as PVC vinyl and coated fabrics are too thick for normal sewing machines to sew. Commercial sewing machines are specifically designed to handle these types of materials, forming a tight seam between them in order to create tough industrial products.

This heavy-duty form of sewing is a specialty of SealWerks along with our other sealing services. We can fabricate a wide range of products using this method, including insulated containment bags. Our RF welding or heat sealing services often serve as accompanying fabrication methods in commercially sewn products, which helps maximize their durability.

Many types of commercially sewn products

There are many different products that utilize commercial sewing in their fabrication. The medical, industrial and automotive industries are simply a few that benefit from commercially sewn products. Our industrial sewing services help manufacture products that need certain types of hardware installed as well, such as buckles, zippers and snaps. This service is not intended for lighter fabrics because of its heavy-duty applications.

Some of the many products fabricated using commercial sewing include:

  • Merchandising products
  • Sewn bags and cases
  • Military containment bags
  • Pre-conditioned air hoses
  • Vinyl cushions
  • Protective equipment covers
  • Seat back covers
  • Acoustic and industrial curtain walls
  • Perforated air distribution ducts

There are many other commercially sewn products we can fabricate as well.

Provide CAD drawings as guidelines

In order to accurately fabricate your product using our heavy-duty sewing service, you can provide blueprints, CAD drawings or even product samples for our engineering staff. We can work with any of these to create the product the way you envision it, or our engineers can even generate new CAD drawings from which to work.

Do you have any additional questions regarding our commercial sewing service? Contact SealWerks today for additional information about this service, and we will help you get started with manufacturing your products using this sealing method or others.