Which Sealing Process is Right for My Project?

For products that require a leak-proof airtight and watertight seal that is 100% weather-resistant, radio frequency welding or heat sealing services are ideal for fabrication. The multi-process approach at SealWerks can accurately assess your project and determine which sealing service will work best. The type of sealing process used to fabricate your product will depend on the materials used, the product’s size and shape, the volume of work required, look and strength of the seal, and the specific application for the product.

When Radio Frequency (RF) welding is the right process

The radio frequency welding process uses electromagnetic waves to fuse similar or dissimilar materials together, using energy and pressure to form a seal that is resistant to tearing and completely leak-proof. This sealing process is ideal for larger projects and mass production of products with multiple material types. The only materials that can undergo this process must have a polar-molecular structure, such as PVC vinyl.

Solvent bonding

If a sealing process without heat is needed for a product, solvent bonding is a good alternative to RF welding and heat sealing. This sealing process involves the application of a solvent, which temporarily softens the joined materials and fuses them together through a chemical reaction. A permanent watertight and airtight seal is formed as the solvent evaporates. Tubes and closed chamber type products will benefit most from this process.

Commercial sewing

Like solvent bonding, commercial sewing is an ideal alternative if your product can’t undergo a heat sealing process. The use of heavy-duty sewing is ideal for products such as duffle bags and insulated bags. This process is also good for irregularly shaped or oversized products. Our most widely used sewn materials include polyurethane, polypropylene and polyethylene.

SealWerks can assess your product to determine which sealing process will work best for you. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started.