Thermoplastic Film RF Welding

Many different types of industrial, recreational, and commercial products utilize thermoplastic films in their construction. Depending on the type of thermoplastic, several sealing services include heat sealing services and radio frequency welding are available to use in the fabrication process. A wide range of industries rely on close dimensional tolerance thermoplastic products, including but not limited to, the medical, military, pharmaceutical, and aviation industries. Thermoplastic films can increase the longevity and durability of products through their temperature resistance, flexibility, and structural integrity.

Hot air welding for thermoplastics

Hot air welding is typically used to fabricate large, or linear configured products. Hot air also works well for sizeable curved products such as inflatables or awnings.
RF Welding Thermoplastic Films

Finding the best sealing process for thermoplastic films

If you have any uncertainty about which material your product should utilize for fabrication, the engineering staff at SealWerks can help you decide whether or not to use thermoplastic films. From there, we can assist with the entire design process, using CAD drawings or product samples to develop prototypes for products and re-engineer existing models. We can help create the design and identify the optimum manufacturing processes for your product and its intended function regardless of the quantity.