Custom Digital Logo Printing for Product Branding

SealWerks supports the advertising community in the manufacture of custom industrial vinyl products, sew coated fabric signage, fabrication of in-store retail merchandising displays, and creating inflatable products for indoor and outdoor use.

We specialize in this business sector with unique manufacturing solutions for custom flexible product merchandising, promotions and branding used for advertising displays and in corporate events.

Heavy materials used in advertising

We are called upon to manufacture specialty items from advertising companies. Our heavy sewing, RF welding and heat sealing services provide options that are not found in the general realm of advertising products. We can custom design a product to fit a space or serve a purpose, and then make suggestions for the best material to use for durability and functionality.

Our manufacturing services are used on flexible, and many times, heavy materials that require a more industrial approach to the fabrication of a product. RF welding and heat sealing options are used to seam together and assemble fabric and vinyl multi-panel graphics.

RF welding is also used to finish the edge of banners and display graphics.

inflatable air bags
Inflatable products rely on rf welding for tube insertion and air tight seams.

Advertising on the products we make

Many companies today take advantage of digital printing their logos, website addresses, contact information and marketing message to sell products. Advancements in digital logo printing have made it easier and more economical to do this.

SealWerks manufactures sewn and welded products that can include digital printing, special stitching or seam sealing to complete your digital designs. Most of the advertising and merchandising projects we do are large in size, custom in design, and have small to medium quantity production runs. However, because we are a manufacturing company, we only provide digital logo printing on products that we manufacture.

If you have an idea for an advertising or marketing promotion and need help getting it done, Call SealWerks at 877-713-4209 or 847-439-4565.

vinyl seat cushions
Advertising on flexible products is a great way to sell your brand!