Government Products

Government radio frequency (RF) welding services

Government-procured products are held to an extremely high standard. For many applications, radio frequency sealing provides the strength and durability needed for these flexible containment products.

For example, certain equipment needs to be transported in a manner that protects it from the elements without leaking or contamination, facilitating the need for airtight and watertight seams, and closure systems.

Reliable heat sealed seams

When you choose radio frequency sealing or heat sealing on government products, you’re getting the type of seam seal fit for government requirements—strong, durable and reliable. RF and heat sealing processes ensure that not only what’s inside a package stays there with no chance of leaking, but also that no contaminants can seep through. This is beneficial for valuable items. If certain equipment requires underwater transportation, containment products can be sealed to protect valuable equipment and other important items from water damage.

welded zipper bag
RF welding is used to create an air tight seal on vinyl containment bags.

Versatile uses for government organizations

Additionally, heat sealing and radio frequency welding can help create such products as fabric bags, which are used to transport supplies to crisis zones or natural disaster relief zones.

Packing equipment in RF sealed bags ensures that the contents maintain integrity and don’t leak.

At SealWerks, we manufacture government-procured products with specified materials and ensure that the finished products meet government standards. When it comes to government applications, safety and reliability are essential when fulfilling strict military requirements on welded containment products.


Sewing & radio frequency sealing government procured products

Some government products are complex in their design and function. Due to the extreme temperatures, volatile weather patterns, and constant mobility of certain items, many flexible products use commercial sewing on heavy materials, radio frequency sealing on vinyl materials, or a combination of both.

SealWerks supports these services using government-approved sewing and stitching methods as well as seam welding on a variety of government approved lightweight and heavy material types, such as vinyl, coated fabrics, nylon, canvas, leather and other non-garment materials.

Dependable seals are needed for government procured products

There are a variety of government applications for welded and sewn flexible products such as:

  • Inflatable air, liquid and gas bladders
  • PCA hoses for military aircraft
  • Sewn gun bags
  • Protective equipment covers
  • Insulated equipment covers
  • Industrial curtain walls
  • Acoustic sound reduction curtains
  • Heavy equipment straps

RF welding is ideal for these types of products because the welded seams are durable and long lasting. RF seals meet the government’s high standards for product performance in the many applications they use every day.

military straps
Heavy sewn straps are relied on for their strength and durability.
sewing assembly military
SealWerks is compliant with mission-critical equipment that have strict manufacturing requirements.

Airtight & watertight heat sealing for mission equipment

Products such as inflatable air bladders, liquid and gas bladders, resealable pouches, and many other military products are made to government heat sealing or RF welding specifications. These manufacturing methods ensure the finished products are strong, impenetrable, and can be trusted for use in a variety of extreme weather situations and airtight, watertight containment applications.

When you need flexible containment products that you can count on for quality seam sealing on vinyl or other flexible materials, you can trust radio frequency sealing along with our other heat sealing process options. If you need quality products to use in government applications, or would like more information about radio frequency welding or sewn projectscontact SealWerks today.

Inflatable air bladder
RF welding is used on inflatable bladders that require seam sealing and tube insertion.