Industrial Radio Frequency (RF) Welded & Heat Sealed Products

The industrial applications for radio frequency welding, heat sealing and commercial sewing services are almost endless. These services are used to make industrial type products that are used everywhere, in multiple industries, and for a wide variety of reasons.

These services are often used to satisfy the need for fabrication of a flexible product that performs a specific containment or protective function in industrial applications.

Industrial RF heat sealing & commercial sewing applications

The materials used in industrial fabrication of flexible products are typically heavy yet pliable, can withstand temperature variances, have a form or expansion requirement, and are often used to protect something or someone. The industrial products that we manufacture are needed to last a long time, which is the very reason strong welded and heavy stitched seams are required.

industrial air bladder
Containment bladders are used to contain many types of solubles.
ADA pipe covers
Protect industrial pipes with custom fitted pipe covers.

Custom manufactured products

Sometimes a product will use both heavy sewing and seam sealing methods in order to fully meet a product’s specifications. Our industrial protective products are manufactured using a wide variety of flexible materials, most often being PVC or urethane coated fabrics.

Industrial products that solve problems in the workplace

Storage bladders are collapsible, flexible PVC bladders that are used to provide temporary or long-term storage of fuel, chemicals, sludge, and other substances. These pillow shaped tanks come in various sizes and configurations with custom solutions provided for the many applications needed for indoor or outdoor use.

Plating tank liners are another essential product used in industrial applications. For instance, they are used in the metal plating industry to keep the chemicals used in the plating process from reacting with the metal tanks themselves. Flexible tank liners are secondary containment liners that are typically made of a material with a generous amount of elasticity that will work with metal, fiberglass, and wooden tanks.

Use RF welding for metal machining products

Way covers are a bellows type assembly fitted onto a machine with traveling or traversing heads. Most often seen in the metal machining industry, way covers keep metal chips from getting into the track like grooves that the heads travel in or on.

Radio frequency welding not only allows for unique and custom configurations, but the seal is strong enough to manage and absorb most machine activity.

way cover bellows
RF welded way covers are used to protect equipment parts from debris.
Inflatable air bladder
RF welding is used on inflatable bladders that require seam sealing and tube insertion.

Roofing products made using the radio frequency/high frequency welding process

Membrane roofing systems are now the most effective method of covering flat roofs. These roofing systems employ sheets or rolls of polymer / resin-based materials that are sealed together with heat. Many of the roofing materials are RF/HF sensitive which creates the opportunity to manufacture pre-formed corners and flanged tapers that are used to seal the roof where pipes, ducts, and other protrusions need to go through.

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Roofing membrane pre-fabricated components
Roofing membranes are used to protect surfaces from water leaks.