Radio Frequency (RF) Welding & Heat Sealing for Manufacturing

There are several manufacturing applications for the radio frequency welding process, most often in the construction of products that require a watertight or airtight seal. Products that are fabricated with radio frequency welding or heat sealing processes are highly resistant to tearing, making it ideal for manufacturing products that must effectively separate or contain liquids, gases and particulate.

RF welding, heat sealing & commercial sewing

If you require protective products to support your manufacturing process, we assist in meeting your needs for compliance to industry standards, government regulations and local requirements for worker safety and environmental concerns.

Depending on your individual needs, we will construct products that are ideal for your facility, with pliable materials that can effectively protect workers or equipment.

Way covers are a bellows type assembly fitted onto a machine with traveling or traversing heads. Most often seen in the metal machining industry, way covers keep metal chips from getting into the track like grooves that the heads travel in or on. Radio frequency welding not only allows for unique and custom configurations, but the seal is strong enough to withstand constant machine activity.

way cover bellows
RF welded way covers are used to protect equipment parts from debris.

Different sealing services for the manufacturing industry

Radio frequency welding, also called high frequency welding and dielectric welding, is a process that involves the sealing of similar or variably different materials together.

The resulting seal is as strong as or potentially stronger than the original materials, and it is waterproof, airtight and tear resistant. However, this process can only be used with materials that have a polar molecular construction such as polyurethane and PVC plastics.

industries manufacturing

Product design & engineering support services

We can provide guidance relative to a variety of fabrication processes to help you customize the application, material selection and detailing to best suit your application. Some of the heat sealed or RF welded products we manufacture are used to support other business applications such as protective machine & pipe covers, acoustic & industrial curtain walls, medical inflation bags, containment bladders and thermoplastic products, to name a few.

We have the expertise to help you to create standard or custom products that will solve problems and make your business more effective and efficient.

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