Radio Frequency (RF) Welded Military Products

Many military products require strong seams in their construction, which is where radio frequency welding, heat sealing and commercial sewing processes are useful.

Military operations often involve extreme weather and other conditions that require the use of temperature resistant and tear-proof products.

Our fabrication services will help keep products fully functional and safe.

coated fabric bag
Heavy sewing to government and military standards are necessary for compliance measures.
military straps
Heavy sewn straps are relied on for their strength and durability.

Reliable RF welded military products

There are a large number of military products that require radio frequency welding or heat sealing for their construction. These processes combine similar or dissimilar pieces of material to form strong and long-lasting bonds that are potentially stronger than the original materials.

Depending on the materials used, the seams will also resist hot and cold temperatures, tears and pressure points, and prevent contained air, fluids and gases from leaking. RF welding services and heat sealing processes is also used to create custom configurations that cover and protect various types of equipment from potential damage.

RF or heat sealed military products that SealWerks fabricates include:
  • Spill or hazmat containment systems
  • Submersible weapons containment bags
  • Pre-conditioned air hoses for aircraft
  • Fuel or water tanks
  • Inflatable bladders for gas or liquid
  • Weatherproof covers for weapons and vehicles
Other types of products also benefit from implementing heat sealing or RF welding in their fabrication.
government tarpaulins
Tarpaulins made to government specifications is needed for military applications.

Strong seals for military equipment

The military often has high standards for equipment, and we will work with you to create a custom product that meets them. RF welding, commercial sewing and heat sealing are all trusted and reliable processes in manufacturing. 

Based on the materials forming your products, we will help to determine the right sealing process and material options in order to meet your specifications. The impermeable seal that our processes generate will ensure that your products last through long periods of use. The seams are not only strong, but resist wear and tear in many different military applications.

The welded products we fabricate are designed to be durable and safe regardless of application.

Whether the product is a fuel bladder, resealable pouch, equipment cover or other type of flexible product, we will help you to comply with military regulations to meet the specifications for product quality.

RF welded waterproof bag
Vinyl containment bags are rf welded to ensure protection against leaking and contamination.
Clear Bellows
An inflatable bellows is used by the military to measure marine depths.

Radio frequency welding design & engineering services

Depending on the product’s military application, we have a team of product designers and engineering support services that can review, modify or create drawings required for the manufacturing process. This is an important step to how prototypes and the final product is fabricated so that the result will function properly in its applied application and in various conditions.

For top quality military products that require radio frequency welding or other heat sealing processes necessary for their construction, contact SealWerks today. We will provide a dependable solution that keeps military operations safe, efficient and effective.