Packaging & Material Handling Radio Frequency (RF) Welding & Sealing

Radio frequency welding, or RFW, is the process of sealing flexible materials together using a specific range of radio frequencies and pressure to effectively fuse them. It is used for many applications within the material handling industry and supply chain industry.

Whether it is used to protect employees, inventory, or equipment, the strong, durable welding attributes are very important when it comes to keeping the shipping and supply process smooth.

Material handling depends on Radio Frequency welding

Material handling doesn’t necessarily only mean the products are packaged for shipping. In the case of heat sealing, products like insulated truck panels and tarpaulins are used in transportation vehicles to cover and prevent temperature sensitive cargo from shifting when driving.

Material handling also relies on RF sealing because sometimes products are sharp or need special care when packaged to provide optimal safety during the delivery process.

For example, medical instruments may be placed in packaging that’s been heat sealed in order to prevent the tool from puncturing through the package. Additionally, some items need to be immobilized during shipping, and protecting them in heat sealed packaging can do just that. RF welded packaging helps to ensure that products that are shelved and stored can be shipped later without incident.

Protecting inventories in warehouse & distribution facilities

The welding process is flexible enough to fabricate enclosures to provide companies the benefit of placing their products in safe, sealed, and if necessary, temperature controlled storage areas. Insulated vinyl curtains and warehouse curtains are used in facilities to control temperature variances and airflow, whether it’s used to maintain cold or heat to a particular shipping area, or to separate products in a distribution warehouse or transportation vehicles.

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Use Radio Frequency welding for a reliable seal

Radio frequency welding aids the supply chain industry by providing solutions for storage, packaging and shipping products to protect against damage to goods. Radio frequency welding not only provides a strong and reliable seal that material handling facilities need, but also it creates durable and long-lasting seams for shipping many types of large and small products. The RF welded seams are perfect for creating custom protective packaging solutions for products that need to be stored long term, or need protection from the elements.

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