How to Begin a new Project?

Products assembled with heat sealing processes

A variety of items used in applications such as medical, consumer, industrial, and others are manufactured using heat sealing processes. And those items can range from small to large. Other parts of this website expand on those matters. This page will discuss the activities to be undertaken prior to joining with a manufacturing partner and beginning production.

Selecting a manufacturer

In selecting a manufacturer, you will be selecting a partner in producing your product. So, it is important that the firm:

  • Be established in the industry with a high level of experience.
  • Provide a well-equipped, full-service manufacturing plant with both engineering and design capabilities as well as an experienced workforce.
  • Be up to date on the technologies involved and any ecological or other restrictions that may apply.
  • Have a strong customer service/support team to work with your organization. Regular communication keeps both organizations involved throughout the process and ensures that all expectations of both parties are met.
  • Have a sound quality assurance process that complies with industry standards such as ISO and AQL.

What will a manufacturer expect from you?

  • A description of your new product or an existing one to be modified. This might include samples, drawings, photos, and specifications to fully describe it.
  • A description of the product’s expected function and operating environment.
  • Any material preferences or qualifications that have been developed for the item.
  • An estimate of expected production quantities and delivery requirements.
  • That you will research and obtain any needed approvals or certifications for the product prior to manufacturing. Those that have “human contact” may need to meet regulatory requirements or have government approval or certification.
  • That you will obtain any licenses or permissions needed from patent holders or others having an interest in the product.

What are the steps in the development process?

In general, the manufacturer will work with you to:

    • Review your product specifications
    • Determine the best joining process or combination for your product from the range of:
      – Radio frequency welding.
      – Direct heat or thermal impulse welding.
      – Solvent bonding
      – Sewing
    • Select the materials to be used.
    • Develop production drawings.
    • Establish quality levels to be achieved and inspection procedures to confirm them.
    • Establish a timeline for manufacturing and delivery.
    • If appropriate, produce prototype product(s) for testing and evaluation.
    • Conclude with your approval and sign off.

Privacy and confidentiality

SealWerks respects its customers’ proprietary information and is willing to enter into non-disclosure agreements if appropriate.

Why choose SealWerks

SealWerks embodies all the qualities listed in the section headed Selecting a Manufacturer.

We will bring you our expertise for innovative solutions with vinyl, polymer, flexible films, and fabric-based product fabrication. We specialize in and offer a core competency in manufacturing flexible products fabricated from polymer films, PVC, and coated fabrics using current technologies in radio frequency welding, heat sealing, and solvent bonding. Our services offer a complete manufacturing dynamic to fabricate an existing product, or to develop a new product and bring it to full quantity in-house production.

Most importantly, we will involve you throughout the relationship and help you choose the best materials and processes to ensure your product’s optimal durability, functionality, and long-term success.

Contact us to get started.