How to Begin

Knowing what to expect from a manufacturer can be difficult at times. The process of manufacturing is changing with the advent of new technologies, more ecological restrictions and faster time-to-market demands. The best way to find a quality product manufacturer is to rely on their level of experience and attention to customer service.

How to choose a manufacturer for heat sealed products?

A reputable manufacturer of heat sealed products will use their level of experience and industry knowledge to provide top-level customer service. SealWerks has a strong support team who can help you from start to finish. We’ll discuss process procedures, production timelines, and product expectations with you to ensure quality manufacturing of your product.

Do you know the specific requirements for construction and functionality?

It is important to have a good understanding of your products’ intended function and the environment it will be subject to. This will help us to determine construction requirements, streamline the material selection process, and identify the most applicable fabrication method, whether it’s through radio frequency welding or heat sealing services. SealWerks will assist you in answering these questions and provide an option for prototyping a sample product to use for testing the products functionality in its intended environment. This will help to determine deterioration factors or if there is a possible malfunction in the product design or fabrication method.

Has the product been tested for successful application?

Is this a product redesign of an existing product? If so, do you have all the necessary details to recreate its success? If it’s new, do you know if the product will be a proven successful in its application? We can help you by providing a prototype product to test in its intended environment to determine deterioration factors or if there is a malfunction of the product design or fabrication method.

Does it need approval or certification for its application?

Heat sealed and RF welded products that have ‘human contact’ may require government approval or certification. To avoid additional cost and time delays, please research what your application you may need for compliance prior to manufacturing.

SealWerks brings to you our expertise of innovative solutions for vinyl, polymer, flexible films, and fabric-based product fabrication. We specialize in and offer a core competency in manufacturing flexible products fabricated from polymer films, pvc and coated fabrics utilizing current technologies in radio frequency welding, heat sealing, and solvent bonding. Our services offer a complete manufacturing dynamic to fabricate an existing product, or to develop a new product to full quantity in-house production. SealWerks is a full service manufacturing plant with engineering and design capability, and an experienced workforce to accommodate your needs. And, since you’ll work directly with us, you have the advantage of being involved in the process.

We’ll help you choose the best heat sealing process or radio frequency sealing application for your project. SealWerks’ expertise in manufacturing flexible products provide you with customer support and options to ensure optimal durability, functionality and long-term product success.