Choosing Materials for Products & Projects

Whether you are creating roofing membranes or emergency breathing bladders, the right material is essential. At SealWerks we specialize in materials that can be Radio Frequency (RF) welded or heat sealed. This includes PVC, Polyurethane, and many coated fabrics. Our in-house production team can offer material selections to meet your manufacturing goals or successfully bring your product to market.

Common RF welding or heat sealing materials

We work with a range of materials that can be RF welded or heat sealed. Some of the most common include:


Which Material is Best For Your Project?

You may already have a material in mind, or you may still be exploring options. Either way, our manufacturing experts can offer advice and support to help you make the best decision. The answer depends on your product goals.

You might choose to combine several different materials to improve the functionality or design of your product. Our manufacturing experts can offer insight and advice. Just ask. 

Material ratings

Many products need to meet FDA, USDA, NSF, NFPA, or other material ratings. These requirements impact your materials selection. Make sure our manufacturing experts know which requirements you need to meet so we can help you choose the best flexible materials for your project.

Flame resistance

Typical Flame Ratings include:

  • NFPA 701
  • ASTM E- 84 (Class A)
  • Meets or exceeds CSFM (Title 19)
  • UL 94 Certified

How materials guide manufacturing decisions

The unique properties of each material determine which bonding or sealing process can be used to create seams or containment systems. Our SealWerks manufacturing experts can help you develop a design or select the right services and materials. 

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