PVC & Urethane Foams

Urethane foam and other variations of Urethane are compatible with our Radio Frequency (RF) welding service. Urethane foam-board is used for a wide variety of products, from street signs to scale models and theatrical props. Many other products utilize a covering of Urethane foam sheets to make them more resistant to water, wind, and sunlight.

RF welding can create airtight seals in these products that are highly resistant to wear and damage over long periods of use.

Why use RF welding in Urethane foam product fabrication?

Urethane foam sheets and boards can benefit from the strong seams that radio frequency welding creates. The RF welding process is efficient and differs from other sealing methods in its use of radio frequency to generate heat that melts two or more surfaces together from the inside.

The combination of electromagnetic energy and pressure through the use of upper and lower indexed dies temporarily melts the materials and permanently fuses them together. The seam is as strong as the original materials, forming a product that is resistant to wear and tear for years.

While Urethane foam products work with RF sealing, not all plastic materials are suitable for this process, which is why we offer other sealing methods for products including thermal impulse welding, solvent bonding, and commercial sewing.

RF welding for PVC foam

Is Urethane foam right for your product?

When creating a new product, a product designer may not know what materials to use in fabrication. Urethane foam may be right for your product, but there may be more compatible plastic materials based on functionality, size, and other design factors. Our team of designers and engineers can work with you to select the best materials for your product.

After assisting you with the material selection we can look closer at the construction and functionality of your product. In most cases a CAD type drawing or a sample is required to suggest or discuss construction and/or function changes to your design.

Perform RF welding on other materials

Some of the other RF weldable materials for products include Polyolefin/ EVA, PET, or any thermoplastic film with a polar molecular structure. Certain materials like nylon or polyester that are coated with an RF weldable coating can also respond well to the process.

For other products, our heat sealing, solvent bonding, and commercial sewing services can serve as effective substitutes to help fabricate quality products from non RF sensitive materials.

To receive more information about RF welding for Urethane foam products, contact SealWerks by filling out our online contact form today. We can assist with the selection of materials and processes, and get started with the design and fabrication of nearly any product.