PVC Films & Coated Fabrics

Using radio frequency (RF) welding for PVC laminated materials

Nylon or Polyester fabrics that are laminated with PVC are among the materials that SealWerks can weld together using the radio frequency welding process. A variety of products are fabricated using PVC laminated fabric, including tents, pool covers, boat covers, athletic mats, gym dividers, and restaurant equipment covers. The RF welding process is used during manufacturing to form sealed seams in these products that maximizes durability and longevity.

What is PVC laminated material?

RF seam welding

PVC laminated fabrics consist of polyester or another type of fabric that is laminated with layers of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which is a thermoplastic polymer. The combined materials make it viable for use in many different types of products that require a high level of durability and flexibility. In addition to its flexibility and strength, PVC laminated fabric is resistant to water and mild chemicals, and is easily cleaned. It is also available in a range of thicknesses and custom colors when the minimum order quantity is met.

Each of the benefits that are typical of PVC laminated fabric make it useful in the automotive, recreational, restaurant, industrial, medical, and pharmaceutical industries, along with many others. It is commonly used for temperature control, light blocking, containment, and equipment protection applications.


RF welding PVC coated products

The low electrical conductivity of PVC makes it suitable for radio frequency welding, a fabrication process that forms strong, hermetic material bonds between two or more surfaces using radio frequency electrical current, which scrambles the material molecules for a short period before rearranging them and fusing them together. The seal that forms is watertight, airtight, resistant to tears, and helps ensure the product holds up through years of use.

The RF welding process also can take less time than other sealing methods (depending on the weld configuration), such as hot air sealing, which helps improve the efficiency of manufacturing. However, the only materials that can utilize this process have to be nonconductive relative to electricity and “polar molecularly constructed.”

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