Radio Frequency Welding for Thermoplastic Films

Products with thermoplastic films are among the many products that can be radio-frequency welded. Radio Frequency (RF) welding is used to form a strong air and liquid-tight seam for many types of products that maximize their longevity. This sealing process is used in the fabrication of a wide variety of products across a broad range of industries. SealWerks offers this along with a selection of other plastic/vinyl sealing services.

Benefits of RF welding for products with thermoplastic Polyurethane films

Thermo Plastic Forming Equipment
Radio Frequency welding for thermoplastic films

The difference between RF sealing and other welding methods is the use of electromagnetic energy to temporarily melt two surfaces and fuse them. Radiofrequency generates heat within the mater, from mixing the two surfaces’ molecules and forming a permanent seal through the use of an upper and lower die/ pneumatic pressure. The resulting seal is as strong as the original surface materials and can resist tears in many applications.

Because of its polar molecular structure, Thermoplastic Polyurethane film is compatible with RF welding


Help with product redesign & reengineering

For companies that want to create a new product, we can assist with the overall design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing of nearly any product. We can also redesign and reengineer existing products to help improve the overall quality or functionality of a product. Simply provide us with CAD drawings, and we will work with you to determine which materials and processes to use in fabrication. Through SealWerks, you can create a high-quality product that provides long-term functionality.

If you would like more details about RF welding for thermoplastic films or other materials, contact SealWerks today. We can help you get started on the fabrication of your product today, and work with you every step of the way to completion.