Flexible Film Product Fabrication

Products with flexible films or laminated substrates are among the materials that can utilize the radio frequency welding process. RF Welding fuses two or more RF sensitive materials together to form a bond that is as strong as or stronger than the original materials, preventing them from tearing under pressure.

Flexible films and laminated substrates are used in a wide variety of products, and RF welding or other heat-sealing processes can help make sure they last for many years.

How does the RF welding process work?

What separates RF Welding from other sealing methods is its use of radio frequency to generate heat from inside the material that temporarily melts two or more surfaces, reorganizing and combining materials’ molecules to form a single seam that can resist damage from inflation and other types of physical stress.

RF Welding Laminated Substrate

Many different industries rely on products that use RF sealing in their fabrication. This sealing method can be more reliable than traditional stitching methods, eliminating the need for adhesives that can break down over time.

Some of the many products that use RF welding on laminated substrates and flexible films include:

  • Medical bags for fluids and devices
  • Military bags
  • Insulated industrial curtains
  • PCA ducts
  • Air movement ducting

These are only some of the many common products that use flexible plastic films or laminated substrates in their construction. RF sealing can significantly increase the performance and lifespan of these products. Its efficiency makes it ideal for applications requiring mass production.

Assistance with flexible packaging material selection

When you work with SealWerks, we can help you select the best flexible packaging materials for your product. Depending on the application, you may benefit from the use of Nylon, PET, Polyolefin/EVA, TPU, and PVC materials.

Some materials are not suitable for radio frequency welding, but with an RF compatible film coating, the RF sealing process may give you the best results.

Other services we offer include heat-sealing services such as RF welding, in conjunction with commercial sewing for heavier products. With material selection, we can help determine which sealing process your products should utilize.

Regardless of the materials used in fabrication, other factors that determine the right sealing process include functionality, shape, size, and types of attachments that a product will employ.

Product redesign & reengineering assistance

We can also assist with the redesign and reengineering of products and the creation of new products. Our in-house designers can provide detailed product sketches of prototype concepts and our engineers can include details for successful production.

Prior to production, we can prototype and re-engineer products as they develop, and work to ensure that they are functionally compliant and defect free.

Do you have any additional questions about RF welding for products with flexible packaging films? Speak with an expert at SealWerks by contacting us online to learn more about RF sealing and other services we offer, and we’ll help you get started on your next project today.