Complex Product Assembly Services

If you’re trying to fabricate a product that will need multiple cutting dies in order to complete the project, complex assembly is the solution. With complex assembly, after the first radio frequency weld is finished on a product, subsequent cutting or welding dies are needed to complete the project. Using two or more dies is automatically referred to, generally speaking, as complex assembly.

Complex Assembly Seals Dissimilar Materials

Another reason you would choose complex assembly for the manufacture of products is if the materials that need to bond together are not the same. Radio frequency welding is best for fusing similar materials such as two sheets of PVC or urethane film together. Not all products, as you know, require two sheets of the same material to be welded together. When products have more than one type of material involved, you may need to consider complex assembly.

Products Need Professional Tooling Dies for Completion

AmCraft has the experience and know how to put together complex assemblies, from procuring material selections to combining the proper single or dual welding processes, and adding ancillary attachments to complete a multi-dimensional product.

To find out more about complex assembly and to get help determining the steps necessary for ‘How to Begin’ creating your complex products, contact AmCraft Manufacturing.