Radio Frequency Die Cutting Services

Die cutting is a process that utilizes large hydraulic presses in order to cut specific shapes out of sheets of PVC, urethane film or other types of textile materials. At AmCraft Manufacturing, it’s simply one of the many services we offer in the manufacturing of products. It is a part of the process in fabricating new products, as radio frequency welding bonds together two or more pieces of material—die cutting is what creates the shape of the product assemblies.

Why die cut?

Die cutting provides a sharp cut that is uniform, which aids in manufacturing products that are high quality and consistent for the assembly process. When sealing together pieces of material, the seams need to be even, otherwise there’s the chance of seal failure. With die cutting, the cutting is precise enough to ensure each piece of material is the same shape, which in turn helps produce consistent manufacturing and quality products.

How does position indexing work?

If both die cutting and RF welding are utilized to fabricate a product, Position Indexing will typically be employed to ensure the cut edges are in the correct position relative to the weld footprint and vice-versa, if a final cut is used to finish the product.

Position Indexing places indexing holes outside of the perimeter of the product during the initial cut of material. For each subsequent die, cutting or welding replicates and utilizes this same pattern with indexing pins that the material is positioned with for that operation.

A die cut is made to exact dimensions

A ‘cutting tool’ is made to the exact dimensions and configuration of the component needed. Die cutting is especially advantageous for intricate configurations and/or close dimensional tolerances. Die cutting is especially effective with unsupported and/or thin materials such as TPU films. In addition, all types of flexible plastic materials and vinyl can be die cut. Die cutting will hold tighter dimensional tolerances than vertical or rotary table cutting as a process. Additionally, the die cutting process will render the best consistency over the long run.

Industries and applications for die cutting

There are many different products that are die cut, and many industries require the die cutting process in order to manufacture their products. Many products rely on uniformity in the shape of the material in order to be at their most reliable—medical industry applications such as IV bags need to have seals that are durable and leak-proof as well as safe from contaminants. If the pieces being sealed together aren’t the same size, there can be discrepancies in the seal. Pillow tanks and air bladders also rely on durable seams that don’t leak.

When you need die cutting services for your company or product you’re manufacturing, contact SealWerks for more information about the services we offer.