Thermoplastic Foam Bonding Services

If the product you are trying to fabricate involves a layer of foam between two pieces of material, you may be wondering about the best way to create such a product. Foam bonding is a reliable method of doing just that. Foam bonding can only be done with material formulations that are RF (radio frequency) weldable, but because the bond is between other layers of material, color and texture is usually not an issue. Foam bonding is an ideal solution for any product that requires the foam to be securely integrated between two or more sheets of flexible materials.

How does this bond and RF welding work?

Foam bonding works by shaping a product into a specific configuration using a mold-like 3 dimensional tooling die designed for a specific purpose. The foam is placed between the outer layers of material, and then the overall bottom and top surfaces are compressed. The perimeter shape is then cut while the impression or depth dimension is molded. The depth limitations are fairly generous with maximum surface height differential of approximately 1”. The materials are then all welded within the perimeter of the welded area, creating a flat edge and/or flat surfaces, and the foam will only be pressed flat where the materials were all welded.