Flexible Material Silk Screening

Heat sealing and silk screening services are often performed on the same products because they both work well with flexible materials such as vinyl, urethanes and coated fabrics. Silk screening is a printing technique that uses a stencil to apply ink to a piece of material—be it a piece of vinyl or polyurethane film. At AmCraft, we offer this service for clients who wish to have their logo or other information printed onto the products we make. We know that showing off your brand is important, especially after you’ve spent the time and effort making a quality product, which is why we offer this service to our clients. Silk screen printing is used when digital printing methods are not cost effective, or if the product is rendered in such a way that it can not be applied using digital printing equipment.

What is silk screen printing?

Silk screening is a method of printing onto material one color at a time—several colors may be used to create a multicolored image, but they have to be applied individually. This method works by using a woven mesh to support a stencil, then pressing ink through the mesh openings—the negative space of the stencil, essentially. It is a very versatile method, making it ideal for printing onto the variety of different flexible products that we manufacture.

Why choose this print method?

Silk screening, also known as screen printing, is ideal for a number of different products and can be used on a wide range of different materials, making it a popular method of printing. Different inks can be used depending on the material you are printing on and the environment it will be subjected to. The printing surface doesn’t just have to be fabric—different inks are available for printing onto textiles, vinyl and urethanes. Because of this, many industries use screen printing to print logos and designs onto heavy canvas bags, flexible medical products, protective covers, and textile signs and displays with instructions and safety information as well as brand logos .

If you’ve been looking for an effective way to transfer your logo or other design onto the products we manufacture, contact us today. However, due to the nature of our manufacturing processes, our silk screen services are not available for garments or advertising specialty type products and is available only on products that we manufacture.