Heat Sealing Services

Heat sealing delivers an airtight and watertight seal for your most important projects. From lifesaving devices to essential safety equipment, heat sealing joins multiple pieces with a seam that’s as strong—or stronger—than the original material.

What products & industries is heat sealing used for?

Direct heat and thermal impulse welding are used across a number of industries, including the military, medical industry, manufacturing and many more. Some of the products crafted through heat sealing include:
  • Containment bags for medical use
  • Pre-conditioned air hoses (PCA) for aircraft
  • Long panels, such as industrial curtain walls
  • Inflatable products
  • Three-dimensional flexible products

Direct / constant heat

This process is ideal for thicker or foam backed materials

Thermal impulse welding

thermal impulse welding
Known as thermal contact welding, this process joins Spunbond fabrics, breathable films, glass-filled plastics, & other challenging materials.

Benefits of heat sealing

Choose heat sealing when you need

  • A fluid-tight, airtight, or gas tight seal
  • Shear tear/splitting resistance
  • Non-wicking seams and edges
  • Nearly invisible seaming
  • Seams stronger than the base material
  • Manufacturing efficiency

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