High Frequency Welding

High frequency welding is another name for the radio frequency welding service offered by SealWerks. HF welding uses radio frequency waves combined with pressure to create strong, leak-proof seams on flexible materials for fabricating products used in a number of different industries.

What is high frequency welding?

High frequency (HF) welding is a process of sealing two or more compatible materials together using high frequency radio waves. The process creates a very strong bond that is air tight, waterproof, and leak-proof. HF welding relies on electromagnetic energy to fuse the materials together, and the bond formed is permanent and very strong—it cannot be torn or ripped apart. In order to work, this process must use materials that are weld compatible, such as TPU or polyurethane.

What industries use HF sealing services?

High frequency welding is a popular process for fabricating products due to its versatility. It is often used by industries such as:

  • The automotive industry, for making paint spray curtains and other products
  • Medical and pharmaceuticals, for things like blood bags, IV bags, plasma bags, and more
  • State and National Government
  • Recreational facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Military Products
  • Packaging & Materials Handling
Radio frequency bar welding
High frequency welding is a common term to describe the radio frequency welding process.

Every industry has unique needs, and high frequency welding provides a highly efficient solution for these needs. SealWerks provides comprehensive assistance for choosing the ideal materials for your product, and we also offer design and prototype assistance. For more information about high frequency welding or any of our other services, contact SealWerks today and Talk to an Expert!