Plastic Welding Services

When you’re in the business of making products that need to have strong seams, and also be impermeable to water, air and gas, plastic welding may be an ideal option for fabricating durable items to suit your requirements.

Bonding plastic polymers

There are several heat sealing processes suitable for bonding plastic materials to create very strong, highly durable textile and products. SealWerks is an expert at evaluating product requirements and determining the correct sealing service required for your product. Bonding is used to fuse two or more pieces of plastic polymers, or plastic-coated materials together. The end product has very strong bonded or welded plastic seams that are durable and impermeable.

Benefits of plastic welding

Plastic welding works by applying pressure and electromagnetic energy or heat to pieces of material that are coated. Once the coating melts, pressure is applied to the pieces of material, which then fuses them together, creating one uniform piece of material. The seam is minimally visible, and the bond is strong and permanent. This process can be used to form custom shapes, and is ideal for products that need to be mass produced yet remain consistent in their uniform measurements and quality.

What industries use it?

One of the draws of plastic welding is that it is a versatile process. It can be used for medical bags such as IV and blood bags due to the seams’ strength and leak-proof qualities. The contents of these bags will stay safe and sterile, thanks to the strong bond between the materials. Other industries that use plastic welding include:

For fabricating a variety of products, plastic welding services could be the ideal solution. At SealWerks, we offer solutions for the fabrication of many different products. Call us today and Talk to an Expert!