RF Seam Welding

Manufacturers who are looking to fabricate leak proof products should consider radio frequency welding services from SealWerks. Radio Frequency Welding is a versatile process that is an ideal solution for creating flexible products that are strong, durable, and resistant to contamination.

What is RF Seam Welding?

Creating seams with radio frequency welding is a highly efficient process that works by applying pressure and electromagnetic energy to two or more pieces of material. This process fuses them together with a minimally visible, yet very strong seam. The bonds created are as strong or stronger than the original pieces of material, making this process ideal for creating leak-proof and airtight seams. RF seam welding is be used to make a number of different inflatable, containment and protective products that are used in many industries.

Radio Frequency Welding for Bonding Seams

RF seam welding services provide increased durability and permanence. RF seams are so strong that they cannot easily to be torn or ripped apart, because the seal created is stronger than the original material. Because the seal can contain air and water, it is used to craft products that need impenetrable seamed edges, such as a pouch or inflatable product, or to combine two pieces together to make one large piece, such as industrial vinyl walls.  Radio frequency seam welding is used across many different industries, including the medical industry, the military manufacturing, industrial, recreational and more.

RF seam welding is an effective and versatile method for crafting a plethora of products. To find out if your product could benefit from using RF seam welding, contact SealWerks today at 877-713-4209.