The Power of Experience: How to Leverage Vendor Partnerships in Product Development

SealWerks is a design and manufacturing service provider that specializes in the fabrication of sewn and welded flexible products with years of experience. Hermetic bonding of polymerfilms is our specialty. We have helped numerous design companies with inflatable and containment applications. Additionally, assembly of products with flexible films or fabrics is comfortably within our wheel house.

Product development

SealWerks provides the opportunity to work with engineers to design, test, and perfect your product. With our experts providing insight at every phase, we can help take your next product from a simple drawing to a full-scale cost-efficient production run within a matter of months. Along with these experts, SealWerks has a multitude of manufacturing services such as Radio Frequency Welding, Heat Sealing, Commercial Sewing, and much more.

With three decades of experience, SealWerks has forged numerous reciprocally beneficial relationships with companies that specialize in related, complementary, and/or ancillary products and services. These relationships ensure that even if SealWerks cannot meet your needs with in house services, we still have the experience to provide a solution for minimal cost. With access to all these services and industry knowledge, you can be confident that SealWerks has the optimal design and manufacturing solution for your product.

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Creating a prototype is the first and most crucial step towards bringing your idea to reality. To begin the design process, our team will discuss process procedures, production timelines, and product expectations with you. With our high level of expertise, you can be confident that we are giving realistic timetables and cost estimates. Once the design process has begun, SealWerks will work alongside you to ensure that you are satisfied with the prototype all the while ensuring it meets our rigorous quality standards.

SealWerks has substantial of experience identifying appropriate materials that will assure that the most cost-effective, acceptable options will be utilized. Whether you have knowledge regarding our manufacturing process or if this is your first experience designing a product; consulting with SealWerks experts will provide invaluable insight from the design to prototype testing and everything in-between.


Re-Engineering is an essential step in the creation of most products. SealWerks can Re-Engineer products with multiple goals in mind. Our design and engineering team can help you, whether you are trying to enhance product durability, improve functionality, or reduce cost. We consider ourselves partners with our customers; SealWerks will work to meet your goals as well as offer new options to improve your products.

To assess the time and cost to Re-Engineer your product, our team evaluates material cost, functionality, manufacturing time, and tooling costs to help give you an accurate timetable to base your expectations on. We will work to ensure your expectations are met in a cost-effective, efficient timeframe. We strive for customers’ expectations to be exceeded and treat every product as if they are our own.



At SealWerks, we don’t just design, test, and, improve products. We have the capabilities to facilitate a high quality, and high volume production run, including distribution services. Whether SealWerks assisted you in the development of your product or not, we provide unparalleled manufacturing services and access to an experienced team of specialists ready to assist you with any needs.

You can trust us to deliver a quality product in a timely fashion while honoring the non-disclosure agreements necessary to protect your valuable designs. Once we have the design you wish to manufacture, we can begin a full production run as soon as your custom tooling solutions are ready. Our years of industry experience and track record of high-quality results is something we at SealWerks are proud of, and we hope to assist you with your design and fabrication needs.