SealWerks provides turnkey manufacturing solutions for the design, engineering, fabrication, packaging and shipping of the products we manufacture. Our services are customer focused, and our overall intention is to fabricate not only a well-made product, but through our knowledge and experience in the industry, we are also committed to providing the most effective turnkey solution for your individual needs.

Customer service teams provide ongoing support

Our services are customer-centric every step of the way. We work closely with you to understand not only the nature of your business, but also the goals you have in mind for the product. It is important to us to understand the nature of your business and objectives you have for the product. Our customer service teams do all they can to understand the product’s intended function and to offer product manufacturing solutions for the best design options and material selections.

Providing the best & newest material options available today

We establish good relationships with our suppliers so that we receive the ongoing support necessary to provide the best manufacturing solutions, using only the latest materials in the marketplace. Whether your radio frequency welded product requires exposure to extreme elements, tensile strength, flexibility, inflation capabilities or a specific elongation factor, we bring experience to the production process. Our turnkey processes allow you to have manufacturing solutions that save money and reduce your time to market.

In order to manufacture medical products or mission critical type products such as IV bags, oxygen bags, inflatable helmet cushion systems or HAZMAT protection suits, you want to be in touch with the best available materials. Material manufacturers introduce new and improved RF weldable materials on a regular basis. If your material volume requirement is substantial, material manufacturers will custom manufacture an RF/HF weldable material for your application. Additionally, with relative volumes, many woven materials can have a layer of RF weldable urethane applied to render them a radio frequency weldable or heat-sealable material.


Design & engineering projects that contain, enclose, inflate & protect

Most products that require sewn and welded fabrication serve a specific application and are used in many industries. The product’s concept is realized, and the product is designed and engineered to project specifications. We employ talented engineers to design your products, fabricating them using the manufacturing process best suited to the materials used. Testing procedures are implemented throughout the process and in the final steps to confirm that the product has satisfactory functionality and appearance.

Sustainable manufacturing provides the greatest return on your investment

Sustainable manufacturing is as important to your product as is the design, engineering and testing of your product. There is much effort that goes into finalizing a product for the radio frequency / high frequency welding / dielectric sealing process. Successful first production runs result in getting the product ready for market. But what about after that?

Manufacturing for market demands

SealWerks is your partner in the goal of sustainable manufacturing for repeat orders. Our internal processes are carefully monitored for manufacturing continuity. You can rely on getting the same product every time you enter into a new production run. We not only keep your detailed concept drawings and material suppliers at the ready, but our production schedules can accommodate for regularly scheduled production runs and quick production runs to meet market demands.

Process improvements in manufacturing flexible products

SealWerks helps you with manufacturing process improvements before, during and after your production cycle. When available, and in the interest of supporting your products’ longevity, we’ll offer suggestions of new and improved material selections, design improvements and production scheduling in order to keep your marketing goals on track.

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