Containment Product Fabrication

Medical fluid bags with tube weld
IV bags require tight seals for liquid containment and to keep them free from contamination.

Containment product fabrication

A high percentage of heat sealed products require proper air or fluid containment measures in their fabrication. The factors that dictate which process will work best are: the intended function, the size and/or configuration, and to a lesser degree, the material(s) used. Most products begin as a concept that will satisfy a need or serve as a solution to a problem. Once the heat sealing process is determined to ensure the functionality of a containment product, our expertise in process and material selection will help you to achieve successful fabrication.

welded zipper bag
Containment bags rely on RF welding for strong, durable seams to keep contents clean and dry.
Bellows air and liquids
An accordion ballast used for military purposes has complex welds designed to inflate and deflate.

Products require strong seams for containment & enclosure

Radio frequency welding and heat sealing are the strongest and most secure methods of containing the contents inside a flexible product. Radio frequency sealing provides a high integrity bond to counter the stresses inherent in products that are designed to contain and control the contents. RF welding is a bonding process that creates air- or liquid-tight seams for containment products.

All directly related factors are taken into account when seam construction and configuration are determined. In some products, the tensile strength of the seam may be as important as—or even more important than—air or fluid containment. The focus for proper containment is to determine the best functionality requirement of the product.


Contract manufacturing of containment products that are used in many industries

SealWerks provides contract manufacturing of RF welded and thermoformed vinyl products as well as fabric and foam containment products for many industrial, medical and commercial applications. Some other products that require containment, but are not limited to:

  • Water diversion tubes
  • Water, fuel & chemical bladders
  • Air pillow tanks
  • Water pillow tanks
  • Portable water tanks & liners
  • Underwater bags
  • Industrial containment products
  • Spill containment
  • Environmental containment products
  • Thermoplastic cushions
  • Portable bladder
  • Water storage bladder
  • Rain water bladder
  • Fuel cell bladder
  • Portable water bladder
  • Military fuel bladder
  • Collapsible water tanks
  • Bladder water tank
  • Industrial collapsible tanks
gel containment
Containing liquids requires strong, RF welded seams.

Flexible gel products require welded leak proof seals

Products that require the containment of gel or similar substances are made using radio frequency welding technology in order to prevent breakage or spillage of the enclosed substance. Gel or liquid containment products need to be durable, contamination free and approved for human contact.

Radio frequency welding or heat sealing the seams in combination with the right materials renders gel- or liquid-filled products completely leak free for the life of the product. Most often, these soft-filled gel products are manufactured to a specific bursting strength.

Medical therapy wraps & pads

Other products such as PCM-filled cooling vests, liquid-filled wraps and other PCM-filled products are typically manufactured with RF or HF welding technology because of their complex internal configurations which often contain baffles to separate and channel multiple mediums.
RF welded pressure wrap
Liquid filled wraps need constant and consistent containment channels to be effective.
The medical industry has an ever-increasing need for strong, impenetrable bonds for the many therapeutic products supplied to patients. RF welding or heat sealed seams on medical or personal use products are preferable because no foreign matter, such as adhesives or threads, is introduced.
industrial air bladder
Industrial spill proof bags are used to transport or store liquids, sludge or gases.

Spill containment products rely on strong seams

Spill or semi-hazardous substance containment products most often need to have impervious seams. As the trend for lightweight and space-saving items continues, the construction of spill containment and other containment type items migrate toward collapsible and flexible uses. RF, HF and heat sealing processes are the ideal methods with which to construct flexible, impervious containment with strong, unbreakable and leak proof seams.

Flexible bladder tanks & pillow tanks provide portable containment

Most flexible containment units have one or more fill/dump valves. Using RF or HF weldable valves, reinforced ports or attachments are welded or sealed to a flexible unit of compatible materials. Bladder tanks and pillow tanks work best with upsized flanges specifically for welding. Many of them have exact configuration electrodes available and are specifically designed to weld or seal that valve or port to a flexible containment product.

SealWerks custom fabrication of containment products for your need

SealWerks is a contract manufacturer of a variety of flexible products that require containment. We are experienced with the manufacture of fully designed products, or can work through the design, material selection and tooling/design process with you.

Whether your product is something used in commercial, industrial or military applications, SealWerks supports your ideas with expert manufacturing advice, current material selections and the necessary ISO compliance measures for successful production of your containment product. We provide the many services needed of a bladder manufacturer. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started!

Cushions designed to contain fillers using non-textile materials is achieved through the rf welding process.