Commercial Sewing & Radio Frequency (RF) Welding

Inflatable patient cushion
An inflatable bag uses RF welding for air tight seams, and commercial sewing for adding other necessary functions, such as zippers.

At SealWerks, we routinely combine industrial sewing with welded or sealed processes on products. Sewn and welded services include full service cutting in addition to RF welding and sewing for seams, edges and reinforcement areas on a product. Many times in custom fabrication of a product the application requires a tube or cylindrical construction for inflation purposes that are best produced with welded seams. Industrial sewing is used to attach ancillary attachments such as Velcro, straps, and other additional hardware. Sewn seams can be placed adjacent to, on top of, or can intersect the welded seams.

Combine industrial sewing with RF welding to give products more flexibility.

Use industrial sewing in combination with sealing processes to give your product more flexibility. Many times the best way to achieve flexibility for shape or configuration on heavy materials is to incorporate a sewn construction using a variety of stitching options. SealWerks has numerous commercial sewing workstations that can handle heavy materials such polymer coated fabrics of both knitted and woven construction. Our sewing operators and industrial sewing machines can manage many configurations, large and small, to produce high quality results. In order to meet your specific needs and to produce quality, long lasting products we routinely incorporate reinforced corners to ensure durability.

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Industrial & medical devices use both sewing & RF welding to fabricate products

Many products in the industrial and medical industries require the use of industrial sewing and welding to achieve the best integration of multiple materials, leak-proof attributes, and adding ancillary attachments. Sewing allows for straps, buckles, snaps and pockets to be added to the shell of a product. This RF welded outer layer with welded seams is used to encapsulate internal cushioning support materials so that it does not get wet or harbor contaminants.

Inflatable patient cushion
airport seat covers
To be durable, commercial seat covers require sewing and welding on heavy materials.

Some other products we manufacture that require sewn and welded fabrication are:

  • Preconditioned air hoses (PCA Duct)
  • Airport seat covers
  • Pressure & temperature control wraps
  • Therapy boots
  • Weather tight cargo bags
  • Medical cushions
  • Inflatable products
  • Merchandising stands and banners
  • Acoustic & Insulated curtains
  • And much more!

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