Protective Product Manufacturing

When your business has a substantial investment in equipment and other resources, you want to protect them. SealWerks manufactures protective covers and products designed to protect against the elements, contamination or damage. For example, this blue protective cover was designed to cover an expensive custom assembly line in an older building. The application had a specific requirement and SealWerks custom designed the protective cover to fit that need. SealWerks manufactures large volumes of basic protective covers, as well as custom designed protective covers and enclosures to fit any requirement.

Custom tarpaulins are used in a variety of protective applications. Welded seams are used to create size and configuration for an specific use. Tooling dies are used in Radio Frequency (RF) welding for adding ancillary attachments.

Hanging Protective Cover
way cover bellows
A way cover is used to protect moving equipment from debris in an assembly line.

RF welding & heat sealing provide protective solutions for businesses

Products that require protection are almost always an investment or are ‘function critical’. This black bellows is fitted to cover a piece of moving equipment as a way to protect foreign objects from damaging the assembly line. The applications are numerous and the core need for flexible impervious protection directs many of those requirements to vinyl or polymer based flexible plastics.

The process that bonds them together into the required configuration is determined by the shape, size, quantity for manufacturing, and the material selection.

Protecting products is a necessity especially if a product guard or product shield is needed to resist exposure to weather or harmful contaminates that could damage it. One of many industrial applications includes custom fitted protective valve covers that are used to control temperatures in industrial pipes.

The objective most often is to keep something out of, or to keep something from getting into a packaged or enclosed space. RF, HF and heat sealing processes combined with compatible materials offer flexible, impervious protection options.

Whatever the need, our sealing processes create a unified bond of the same or dissimilar materials to form a solution for product protection.

ADA pipe covers
Insulate and protect industrial pipes with custom fitted pipe covers.

Sewn or welded protective products are made to fit the application

The best way to protect equipment is determined by the environment it is exposed to and to use the best material that will help to reduce or minimize exposure to:

  • Impact
  • Weather
  • UV light
  • Temperature
  • Moisture migration
  • Contamination

The degree of ‘form fitting’ a custom configuration is dictated by the application and the environment in which the protective cover needs to perform. Moisture and contamination control are the two most common requirements for heat sealed or RF welded covers or containment solutions.

Protect industrial equipment from damage

Expensive or sensitive equipment and machinery function better if protective covers are used to provide durable protection from all types of contamination and outdoor elements. Our design team will work with you to create the best fit possible for any type of equipment. And, depending on the material you choose, our flexible protective products provide resiliency for long-term indoor and outdoor use.

RF welding as a protective packaging option

Automotive and industrial equipment parts are vulnerable to corrosion. The use of protective packaging is used to keep assembled parts together and free from contamination, especially during shipping.

Most RF welded protective packaging uses a polymer base material that is inherently rust inhibiting.

These packaging units are RF or HF assembled and then closed with heat sealing to conform to the product configuration, producing a tight seal so the part remains protected.

Protective product packaging is many times produced by the radio frequency welding or high frequency welding process.

Fabric equipment cover
Custom fitted covers protect equipment with materials for indoor or outdoor applications.

Some examples of Protective Covers include:

  • Custom Cart Covers
  • Rack Covers
  • Merchandise Display Covers
  • Storage Covers
  • Equipment Covers
  • Industrial Pipe Covers
  • Machine Covers
  • Plating Tank Liners
  • Way Covers
  • Bellows Assemblies
  • Military & Industrial Tarpaulins
  • Safety Products

Protect your inventory with warehouse divider walls

Warehouse divider curtains protect inventory from temperature variance, humidity, and contamination. Industrial curtain walls, insulated industrial curtains, and welding curtains are used in warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities as a way to protect inventory in storage, regulate air flow patterns, organize stock inventories and provide worker safety. The RF welding process is used to fabricate large warehouse curtains used in many industrial, distribution and manufacturing facilities.

Protect your employees with noise absorbing products

Acoustic curtains are sound barrier curtains used in the workplace to reduce unsafe noise levels to OSHA compliance requirements for worker safety. Used as a protective noise barrier, acoustic curtains control unwanted noise and reverberations emitted from all types of equipment and activities taking place in large open areas. These acoustic curtain barriers rely on strong welded seams to create walls panels large enough to attenuate excessive noise and sound vibration in the facilities of many types of industries.

RF welded enclosures protect from overspray

An auto body shop enclosure is necessary for wide range of automotive and manufacturing functions. Many times the enclosure is used to contain overspray from paint or cleaning products. An enclosure can be fitted with air filters to improve the inside air quality for worker safety. A radio frequency welded enclosure ensures the seams are easy to clean and resistant to mold and mildew. An enclosure that has RF welded seams is strong enough to be suspended in large sections.  Whether they are mounted to an existing structural members or are used to create a self supported containment room.

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