Where Do I Start?

Call us at (877) 713-4209 or (847) 439-4565. Our customer support team will discuss what you have now and what else you’ll need to begin. We’ll help you to determine material selection, the fabrication process and what else you may need to start. You are involved in each step of the process so that you are informed and prepared to start a project. We’ll work with you to establish realistic timelines and product expectations to accomplish your goals.

A non-disclosure agreement is available if requested.

Steps to take before starting the heat sealing process

We have outlined a typical fabrication process in the steps below. Some customers want to discuss most, or all of these steps at the onset of their project. Other customers want to move incrementally through the process, or want us to handle more of the steps internally. Whatever your preference, we will cover the imperative issues with you so you can determine how much involvement you want in the details of the process.

If you do not require assistance with the design or engineering of a new or existing product, these steps will help you to determine what is necessary in order to begin manufacturing your product.

What you can do

  • Provide a sample or drawing of an existing product. Photos can be a good starting point.
  • Make certain all rights to produce the product are legally established (if applicable).
  • Have a complete understanding of the function of the product and the environment it is subjected to.
  • Identify material preferences or qualified materials.

What we will do together

  • Customer review of product specifications
  • Material selection
  • Production drawings
  • Collaboratively establish a process timeline.
  • Internal manufacturing schedule established.
  • Inspections scheduled for Quality Control markers.
  • Final quality inspection per AQL (or other) Standards.
  • Customer approval and sign off

How we will proceed

Should you have questions or need to partner with us for design and engineering process, contact our experienced staff at 877-713-4209 or 847-439-4565.