Services - Heat Sealing, Radio Frequency (RF) Welding, Sewing & More

When you need flexible airtight or watertight seals, you need SealWerks. We are a quality provider of radio frequency welding and heat sealing services for plastic films and other flexible material product manufacturing. Plus, we offer commercial sewing for cloth-backed vinyl, straps, and webbing.

Whether you’re looking for a containment bladder, patient positioning cushions, or heavy sewn straps for mission-critical equipment, we have the expertise you need to manufacture quality products in the United States.

Choose the right sealing or finishing option

RF welding and heat sealing services from SealWerks bond flexible materials together at the molecular level. When you need air, gas, or liquid leak-proof seams, you need SealWerks. But which sealing method is right for your project? That depends on the material.

  • Choose RF Welding for PVC laminated materials, PVC coated products, urethane coated products, thermoplastic films, PVC and TPU Foam.
  • Choose Commercial Sewing for straps, cloth-backed vinyl, and ancillary attachments
  • Choose Thermoforming / Vacuum Forming for trays, equipment guards, panels, product packaging, and automotive or aerospace parts. 
  • Choose Heat Sealing or Thermal impulse welding for other plastic or polymer films.
  • Choose Solvent Bonding to add Luer fittings, valves, and tubing connections. The process depends on the compatibility of the materials chosen.

In most cases, the material and intended function will dictate which bonding process you can use. Many of the products we manufacture apply more than one bonding process. Our team is ready to answer your questions and offer the right service for your manufacturing needs.


Design & engineering services

Rely on our flexible containment solutions experts to help design your custom product. With decades of experience in flexible materials finishing and product production, we have the insight and knowledge to create products that meet your unique specifications.

From material selection to complex assembly, we can help you map out every stage of the production process.

Creative Knowledge

Finishing services

Heat sealing or RF welding is just one step in your production process. To make sure you get the best quality product, we also offer a range of ancillary services that improve the functionality and manufacturing efficiency of your finished products.

  • Die Cutting
  • Complex Assembly
  • Seal and Cut
  • Tear Seals
  • Tube Mandrel Sealing (Tube Insertion)
  • Foam Bonding
  • Custom Attachments

For a truly polished final product, ask about our digital logo printing and silk screening services. Need something that isn’t listed here? Our manufacturing experts are ready to hear about your product and recommend solutions. Just ask.